Fighting the Persecution of the Believers

Black Dawah Network’s Legal Fight For Jummah Prayer Service at Menard Correctional Center

“The penitentiary is packed and it's filled with Blacks.” -- Tupac Shakur   Menard Correctional Facility in Chester, Illinois was originally built in 1878. Though built prior to federal regulations that...

What We Do

Block to Block Dawah

A program inspired by Malcolm X who once went up and down Detroit’s hoods to convey the message of Islam. Our program follows in these footsteps by sending Muslims to black neighborhoods impacted by institutional racism to communicate the message of Islam.

Timbutku Reborn

Timbuktu Reborn is an African-American Islamic dawah academy that provides training  in African-American Muslim apologetics.

Mosque Consulting Services

Black Dawah Network offers consultation services to Mosques in inner-city Black communities who want to become more engaged with the broader African-American community.

The African-American Islamic Think Tank

The African-American Islamic Scholars brings together African-American Muslim scholars in various disciplines to produce cutting edge research about the ability of Islam to address social ills facing Black Americans.

Dawah Webinars

What Dawah in Black America Looks Like

Conveying to Black America What Islam Is

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