Press Release: The Deception of Street Life by Abdul-Mateen

        Gang-Banging, the dope-game, and the violence associated with street culture cannot continue if

Hakeem Muhammad’s Journey to Islam in the Land of Chicago Drill Rap

Born in the mid-nineties,  Hakeem grew up in an apartment complex on 75th and Essex

How Chicago Gang Shootouts Lead me to Islam



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Second Annual Malcolm X Day of Dawah:The Muslims Step Up to Protect Black Women!

              “The most disrespected person in America is the Black woman. The most unprotected

Muslim Infographics on Structural Racism in the United States


Bringing The Dawah to Oakland, California

The Muslims organized an Islamic outreach event in Oakland to give the dawah to Islam

Muslims Must Be Leaders in the Fight Against Racism in the United States

  Black Dawah Network believes that Muslims must be leaders in the struggle against racism

The Truth of Why Malcolm X’s Janazah Was at a Church Instead of a Mosque?

                Malcolm X is an excellent ambassador of

Ibn Ali Miller and the Impact of Islamic values on Inner-City Black America

Ibn Ali Miller caught the world’s attention when a video went viral of him stopping

Conveying to Black America What Islam Is

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