Why Dawah in African-American Community is Important !

Giving Dawah to Black America in the Era of Black Lives Matter Black Dawah Network

The Salah in O-Block


The Power of Dawah: A Powerful Image in O-Block Illuminates New Possibilities

    In a defining moment, an image of a congregational prayer in O-Block, the

A New Chapter Begins: The African-American Dawah Foundation

The African-American Dawah Foundation is pleased to announce our evolution from the Black Dawah Network.

Transformed by The Way of Muslims: B.G Knocc Out’s Journey of Redemption

  B.G Knocc Out, a renowned former West Coast Rapper, has a truly captivating story

A Muslim’s Call for Justice Has No Immigration Status: Why Muslim-American Immigrants and First-Generation Muslim-Americans Must Be More Vocal About the Legal Discrimination Muslim-American Reverts in Prison Face on a Daily Basis!

(Editorial Note: Authored by D.O.) Less than a month ago, on September 19th 2022, Adnan

Press Release: The Deception of Street Life by Abdul-Mateen

        Gang-Banging, the dope-game, and the violence associated with street culture cannot continue if

The Drill Rapper and his Muslim Father

 Drill was labeled the most influential subgenre of rap from 2010 to 2020 and its

Hakeem Muhammad’s Journey to Islam in the Land of Chicago Drill Rap

Born in the mid-nineties,  Hakeem grew up in an apartment complex on 75th and Essex

How Chicago Gang Shootouts Lead me to Islam


Conveying to Black America What Islam Is

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