Black Dawah Network Publishes Afrocentrism: A Black Muslim Critique!

This book, Afrocentrism: A Black Muslim Critique, by Professor Shareef Muhammad details how Afrocentrism has lost its way; how it has substituted the pan-Africanism commitment to interreligious cooperation; how instead of focusing on shared communal and material interests it has devolved into a sort of non-theistic religion. Hamstrung by parochialism and incoherencies, it is no longer a viable force for combating academic racism. It is not interested in restoring ‘the African’ to the center of world history but is obsessed with the supposed illegitimacy of established religious traditions in the black communities. Afrocentrism: A Black Muslim Critique is polemical but it is also theoretical. The book will answer the following questions: Is Afrocentrism consistent with its own logic? Do Afrocentrists’ claims correspond to the established and verifiable facts of history? Is their knowledge useful or have any practical benefit? Is Afrocentrism politically relevant? More specifically, what is their criteria for determining blackness, and where and how did they derive this standard? Did Afrocentrism develop naturally within Africa or is it just another African-American rendition of Western characterizations of the continent? Why have their criticisms been so strident and focused on Islam and Arabs, despite the central role Islam played in Africa’s last golden age, and the marginal role that the Arabs played in that epoch? Lastly, does Afrocentrism possess the means to transform black life?

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