Aryion Sanders’ Journey to Islam as a Wrongfully Incarcerated Inmate


Editorial Note: Brother Isra’il Abd Al-Mu’min is originally from Chicago. Since the age of 17,  he has been serving a 40 year sentence for first-degree murder. He maintains his innocence and was recently granted a retrial after it was discovered that the police used a variety of illegal and coercive methods to secure a confession including threatening to kill a member of his family

“Bismillah Ar Rahman Nir Raheem

As-Salamu alaykum,

My name is Aryion Sanders, although some call refer to me as Isra’il Abd al-Mu’min. I am convicted of 1st degree murder. Well I was. My conviction was overturned April 19-2021, masha’Allah(swt). So now I await retrial. I came to Islam by Allah’s grace first and only, then by just picking up the Qur’an one day. I was so amazed so I keep seeking knowledge about the dîn. Systemic racism is the of heart of my case I feel. Its all about 3 young black kids from the hood, who never been around the block, being threated by white police because the police wanted anyone they could get even if that meant the innocent.  Now as for the younger brothers out there it takes a true seeker of knowledge to understand the street life and gang life is not cool. People in the street and gangs kill each other, hurt each other and plot against even their best of friends and only those who make it to they wiser year realize its stupid then they exit it as soon as possible. Others die or get locked up. Be wise and take heed before its to late, please and remember the signs(ayat) of Allah(swt).

Conveying to Black America What Islam Is

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