The State of Dawah in the Black Community and Why Black Muslim Men Must Take to the Streets!

By Hakeem Muhammad, ESQ The Crips, The Bloods, The Gangsta Disciples, The Black Disciples, Black

Daily Habits for Self-Improvement and Self-Discipline: Lessons from Malcolm X

Malcolm X, a revered African-American Muslim leader, provides invaluable insights into personal growth and empowerment

What African-American Muslims Can Learn From Khabib Nurmagomedov

  One incident in the biography of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, describes an

Religion and the Trenches of the African-American Struggle

Islam has proven to be relevant to all times. It is a living tradition. It

How Can Muslims Honor Malcolm X?

Many African-Americans from inner-cities have converted to Islam after reading The Autobiography of Malcolm X.

Press Release: The Deception of Street Life by Abdul-Mateen

        Gang-Banging, the dope-game, and the violence associated with street culture cannot continue if

Ismail Royer: You Don’t Know What Critical Race Theory Is! (Islam and CRT Series)

Author Bio: Professor Shareef Muhammad is a co-author of the forthcoming book, The Muslim Guide

Islamic Lessons We Can Learn From The Events Resulting in the Death of Tupac Shakur

 Tupac Amaru Shakur was widely respected and loved by segments of the Black community especially

Islam in America Needs a Revival  by Those Who Understand Racism Best

Believers! Be upholders of justice and bearers of witness to truth for the sake of

A Critical Look at Zaytuna Professor Dr.Abdullah bin Hamid Ali’s Denial of Systemic Racism!

African-American Muslims forged a ‘Black Muslim Tradition’ with their sweat and blood that fought domestic

Conveying to Black America What Islam Is

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