Journey to Islam

Transformed by The Way of Muslims: B.G Knocc Out’s Journey of Redemption

  B.G Knocc Out, a renowned former West Coast Rapper, has a truly captivating story

From Crip to Muslim: Why Abdul Hadi Left The Crips to Become a Muslim!

The Crips are a prominent African American gang founded by Stanley Tookie Williams in Los

Lil Mick: From Gang Life to The Ummah

The new organization Hip Hop Daily which chronicles prominent conflicts during the Chicago Drill Scene

The Reality of Gang Life by Abdul-Wakil


Aryion Sanders’ Journey to Islam as a Wrongfully Incarcerated Inmate

  Editorial Note: Brother Isra’il Abd Al-Mu’min is originally from Chicago. Since the age of

How Gang Shootouts Led Me to Islam

(Editorial Note: This Ramadan, Black Dawah Network inspired by the Hadith of the man who

Conveying to Black America What Islam Is

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