Transformed by The Way of Muslims: B.G Knocc Out’s Journey of Redemption


B.G Knocc Out, a renowned former West Coast Rapper, has a truly captivating story that demonstrates the transformative power of embracing Islam. He gained prominence through his collaboration with the legendary Easy-E in the iconic track “Real Moth*fuckin G.” However, B.G Knocc Out’s journey took a dramatic turn when he found himself serving a ten-year sentence for attempted murder, stemming from his involvement with the Crips gang.

During his time behind bars, B.G Knocc Out encountered a series of troubling incidents, constantly finding himself in trouble and isolated in solitary confinement. However, it was during one of his returns from the “hole” that he had a profound realization. In the prison yard, he observed the various activities of different groups: gambling, playing, and even indulging in illicit substances like marijuana. However, one group stood out—the Muslims. B.G Knocc Out was astounded by their demeanor, which exuded an indescribable aura of tranquility and purpose.

As he watched them, he noticed that the Muslims were engrossed in studying, their books open and their smiles radiating a genuine sense of happiness. What struck him the most was that many of these individuals were serving life sentences for attempted murder, yet they had managed to completely transform their lives. Their unyielding commitment to personal growth and the uplifting of future generations left B.G Knocc Out in awe.

“They were so different than all the other people in prison,” he reflects. “A lot of them were lifers, but I never saw them down. They were always smiling. I couldn’t help but wonder, ‘What is it about these people?'” Inspired by their unwavering positivity and their ability to find happiness despite their circumstances, B.G Knocc Out made a life-altering decision—he embraced Islam himself.

Since that pivotal moment, B.G Knocc Out has severed all ties with the Crips gang. He recognizes that his involvement in gang activities only led to repeated prison terms and a destructive cycle of violence. Instead, he has embarked on a new path—one rooted in faith, peace, and personal transformation.

Conveying to Black America What Islam Is

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