Block to Block Dawah

Black Dawah Network is sharing the message of Islam within inner-city Black America. We are best known for inspiring African-American Muslims to get up and show the broader Black  community what the values of Islam stands for.


A common theme unifying of our programs are a deep love for Islam, sharing its message, and a committment to uplifting the condition of the African-American communnity.  Here are the services we offer.


The Block to Block Dawah program was inspired by Malcolm X who once went up and down Detroit’s ghettos to invite Black brothers and sisters in the hood to the mosque to learn about Islam.  As a leading organization of dawah in the African-American community, BDN’s block to Block Dawah event identifies low-income inner-city Black neighborhoods suffering from structural racism and experiencing social ills from gang violence to the drug economy. We send Muslims to such neighobrhoors to share the message of Islam using a methedology and strategty geared towards inner-city Black America.


Black Dawah Network provides Muslims da’ae’s with copies of the Holy Qur’an and Autobiographies of Malcolm X to provide free of cost to residents. We also provide training to da’es on Black Muslim apologetics as it relates to theological and political issues facing Black America.

Conveying to Black America What Islam Is

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