Black Dawah Network is dedicated to empowering Muslims to get back active in the Black Community

Black Dawah Network is sharing the message of Islam within inner-city Black America. We are best known for inspiring African-American Muslims to get up and show the broader Black community what the values of Islam stand for.

A common theme unifying of our programs are a deep love for Islam, sharing its message, and a commitment to uplifting the condition of the African-American community.

Black Dawah Network’s Block to Block Dawah initiative is inspired by Malcolm X who once went up and down Detroit’s hoods to convey the message of Islam. Our program follows in these footsteps by sending Muslims to black neighborhoods impacted by institutional racism to communicate the message of Islam.

Dawah Infographics

Explore our Infographics that work to share the message of Islam in Black America.

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Conveying to Black America What Islam Is

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