Ismail Royer: You Don’t Know What Critical Race Theory Is! (Islam and CRT Series)

Author Bio: Professor Shareef Muhammad is a co-author of the forthcoming book, The Muslim Guide

Muslims Reflect on Gentrification of Black Community

(Editorial Note: Reflection piece by Danial Osmani) The Prophet Muhammad said, “You will not enter

Ahbir (D-Rose) Reflects On His First Ramadan

After I was sentenced for murder, I was sent to Stateville Prison. There are so

How Gang Shootouts Led Me to Islam

(Editorial Note: This Ramadan, Black Dawah Network inspired by the Hadith of the man who

The Truth of Why Malcolm X’s Janazah Was at a Church Instead of a Mosque?

                Malcolm X is an excellent ambassador of

Zaytuna Professor Dr.Abdullah bin Hamid Ali Undermines Plight of Black America and Betrays Black Muslim Tradition

A Critical Look at Zaytuna Professor Dr.Abdullah bin Hamid Ali’s Denial of Systemic Racism! This

Dr. James White to Dr. Shadee Elmasry: Critical Race Theory & Black American Islam!

In the previous article, Critical Race Theory and the Muslim World by Professor Shareef Muhammad,

Usury: Financial Cancer Eating the Black Community and the Islamic Cure!

         The issue of usury distinguishes Islam among the three major religions. They all

Why was Malcolm X’s Janazah at a Black Christian Church? 

Malcolm X is an excellent ambassador of Islam to inner-city Black communities.  Those inner-city Black

The Making of the Hood in Atlanta

For many Atlanta is meant to be the Black Mecca, the coming of new south.

Conveying to Black America What Islam Is

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