What is Black Dawah Network?

Black Dawah Network is sharing the message of Islam within inner-city Black America. We are best known for inspiring African-American Muslims to get up and show the broader Black community what the values of Islam stands for. A common theme unifying of our programs are a deep love for Islam, sharing its message, and a commitment to uplifting the condition of the African-American community.

What is Black Dawah Network’s History?

The Black Dawah Network was started by ordinary grassroots African-American Muslims throughout inner-cities in the United States who were concerned with the decline of effective and timely dawah in the Black community.We are a group of friends that consist of a large network of African-Americans Muslims who simply cooperate and work together on initiatives   to spread the teachings of Islam within inner-city Black America.  We are determined to embark on dawah efforts in the Black community that address the unique concerns of our people. 

Conveying to Black America What Islam Is

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