The Sophistry of Dr. Ben on Islam

The  book The African Origins Western Religions, Dr. Ben states that “Religion is the deification

New Book Explores 15 Dawah Lessons from the Life of Malcolm X: A Blueprint for Effective Islamic Outreach

Malcolm X continues to inspire and lead individuals towards Islam even after his passing. In

A Clash of Convictions: The Muslims vs. The Bloods in Baltimore Penitentiary!

In the annals of prison history, few stories resonate with the power and intensity of

From Crip to Muslim: Who Profits When Black Men Gang-Bang?

This is an excerpt from Abdul Hadi’s new book, Who Profits When Black Men Gang-Bang

Unbreakable Faith: How Enslaved Africans Preserved the Quran Against All Odds!

In the Qu’ran, Allah(swt) says, “And We have certainly made the Quran easy to remember.

A New Chapter Begins: The African-American Dawah Foundation

The African-American Dawah Foundation is pleased to announce our evolution from the Black Dawah Network.

Transformed by The Way of Muslims: B.G Knocc Out’s Journey of Redemption

  B.G Knocc Out, a renowned former West Coast Rapper, has a truly captivating story

Religion and the Trenches of the African-American Struggle

Islam has proven to be relevant to all times. It is a living tradition. It

How Can Muslims Honor Malcolm X?

Many African-Americans from inner-cities have converted to Islam after reading The Autobiography of Malcolm X.

Press Release: The Deception of Street Life by Abdul-Mateen

        Gang-Banging, the dope-game, and the violence associated with street culture cannot continue if

Conveying to Black America What Islam Is

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