Unbreakable Faith: How Enslaved Africans Preserved the Quran Against All Odds!

In the Qu’ran, Allah(swt) says, “And We have certainly made the Quran easy to remember.

A New Chapter Begins: The African-American Dawah Foundation

The African-American Dawah Foundation is pleased to announce our evolution from the Black Dawah Network.

The African-American Case For Critical Race Theory

Author Bio: Professor Shareef Muhammad is a co-author of the forthcoming book, The Muslim Guide

How Gang Shootouts Led Me to Islam

(Editorial Note: This Ramadan, Black Dawah Network inspired by the Hadith of the man who

Can the Brotherhood of Islam Solve Chicago’s Deadly Gang Violence?

And hold firmly to the rope of Allah and do not be divided. Remember Allah’s

The Muslim Blueprint For Debating The Black Conscious Community


Black Dawah Network Comic #15 I Can’t Be a Muslim Cause Da Arabs Are Anti-Black.


Black Dawah Network’s Newest Publication is available for purchase “An Invitation to Islam For Black Marxists”

  Chicago, Illinois, 10/3/2019 The Black Dawah Network was established to convey the intellectual proofs

Black Dawah Network Comic #12: What’s Black Liberation without Islam?


The Making of The Hood in Chicago

“Born in 92, I grew up with no dad ni***a” and “This is for my

Conveying to Black America What Islam Is

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