Ahbir (D-Rose) Reflects On His First Ramadan

After I was sentenced for murder, I was sent to Stateville Prison. There are so many Muslim brothers here. It was pleasing to my eyesight to witness how Muslims are. Before an indivdiual would even tell me that he’s a Muslim, I would see him being respectful, humble, and not being aggressive. 

In  Stateville Prison, there are young Imams. You feel me?  They can recite the Qu’ran from front to  back  and tell you all types of stories from the Hadith.  The Muslim brothers had real poise about themselves, while conducting themselves with dignity and honor. They stood for something.Just the stories they were telling, that’s what caught me and it had me.

This older Muslim brother  told me Islam is the truth and aint no flaws in it.   I’ve seen in physical form the unity of Muslims while in prison. I saw them being humble, having self control, being  firm in  their beliefs.  I saw them teaching and  being  steadfast everyday in their saalats.  I saw them  speak with intellect and use the best of speech to each other.  This continues to attract me to Islam, inspires me and motivates me.

   I ‘ve seen these characteristics in so many Muslim Men.   Every day I see the same firmness and steadfastness.  It has rubbed me in a Way that I love.  I took my shahdah in 2015.

  Everytime I meet a new Muslim who is striving,  this continues to attract and inspire me to Islam.  It motivates me

My first Ramdan was really a learning experience. I was taught daily what fitnah is, what haram is, and it just straightened me up for the future. I was filled with joy at the end of each day just knowing and thinking that God was going to be proud of me.  My first Ramadan was a major help and a milestone towards what I am striving to become. 

Islam has made my relationship with Allah, subhana wata ala stronger. It made me aware of my morals, why I felt the way I did in the past.  Islam urges me to be kind, show love, and compassion. Even now, fasting humbles me and gives me the perspective that I need. Islam has helped me a lot. Islam is the guidance of righteousness and livelihood. Islam assures me that I’m not supposed to be heartless.

It’s not like I grew up in a Muslim household because I didn’t. I am a Muslim because when I saw how Muslims conduct themselves, it was pleasing to my eyesight. I was attracted to it. Just hearing stories in the Qu’ran and in the Hadith, it does something to the mind, body, and soul. 

Reading the Qu’ran and going to Jummah every Friday strengthens my faith and doing tasbih. I like to hear talks about Allah, s.w.a and the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. Being among the Muslims strengthens me.  The Qu’ran has never been changed and has no contradictions. Period. It deals with righteousness, peace, love, and seeking knowledge. The values of Islam will help you feel good about yourelf and gain self control. It will bring you happiness and tranquility. We need Islam in our community. Islam is the only true religion. It is God’s religion. The only religion for us.   It’s the final revelation sent to humanity.  Nothing is coming after it. 

I feel Islam is made for our people. I love it to death. It is what I live by to the best of my ability.


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