For Immediate Release: The Black Dawah Network and The Call to Islam in Urban Black Communities










“There have been numerous initiatives and platforms among Black Muslims to celebrate and preserve our history, and to amplify Black Muslims voices. Now, is the time for a platform dedicated to deliver dawah in Black communities,” explained the Black Dawah Network founder, Hakeem Muhammad.


Black Dawah Network  was established to coordinate and unify Black Muslims from various communities to use their skills, expertise, and talents to facilitate the call to Islam in Black communities. The Black Dawah Network will host lectures, produce articles, podcasts, create intellectual defenses of Islam, facilitate dawah training programs, produce videos, webinars, infographics, social media content, booklets and lectures promoting the message from Allah in Black communities.


The Black Dawah Network is following the tradition of Malcolm X who went up and down Detroit’s ghettos inviting all of the Black community to Islam, from drug dealers, drug addicts to gangsters. The vision of the Black Dawah Network is to produce the next generation of Muslims who will stand firmly upon the rope of Allah to give dawah to a people in desperate need of what Islam offers, justice and who do not fear, teaching the religion of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him.  


The Black Dawah Network is following the tradition of Malcolm X, who responded to Said Ramadan in 1965, after he expressed concerns that Malcolm X still sounded like a nationalist in his speeches.   He told Ramadan, “that being an African American, he felt his ‘first responsibility’ was to ‘my 22 million fellow Black Americans who suffer the same indignities because of their color as I do.’ 


“So, too, the Black Dawah Network feels our first responsibility is to our people who need Islam today, more than ever,” said Muhammad.


Conveying to Black America What Islam Is

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