Black Muslim Tradition

African-American Muslims have forged a ‘Black Muslim Tradition’ with their sweat and blood.

This tradition and legacy have vociferously challenged institutional racism and all of its manifestations

Islam in the African-American community has historically been a force for justice against oppression, a source of esteem in a world that sought to instill an inferiority complex, and a force for upliftment in the midst of social degradation.

Many African-Americans found Islam empowering because it sacralized their struggle for justice and provided the moral discipline to resist the traps of the system. African-American reverts to Islam from the inner-cities have been inspired by The Autobiography of Malcolm X.

The Social Justice Department on Black Dawah Network’s emphasizes: Amplfiying African-American Muslim voices from the inner-city against structural racism. Defending the political dissent of African-Americans against racism, injustice, and oppression.

Black Muslim Op-Eds Defending African-American Political Dissent

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