“And do you realize what is the steep road? It is the freeing of a human being from bondage” (The Holy Qur’an 90:12-13)

The Black Dawah Network announces its latest project, Black Muslim Prisoner Advocacy Initiative. In an era where Muslims were thrown into solitary confinement for merely having a Qur’an, forbidden from congregational prayers, given pork for meals, African-American Muslims and those inspired by Islam, used litigation to demand their rights and revolutionized the field of prisoners rights law.

The Black Dawah Network aims to continue the Black Muslim tradition of engaging in prisoners rights litigation and working on behalf of those African-American Muslims brothers and sisters who are victims of the prison industrial complex.

Training Muslim Jailhouse Lawyers

BDN will recruit and train Muslim ‘jailhouse lawyers’ to legally defend the Constitutional Rights of incarcerated African-American Muslims. We believe that every Correctional Facility, jail, and prison in the United States should have Muslim ‘jailhouse lawyers’ to ensure that the correctional facility is in compliance with State, Federal, and Constitutional law. These ‘jailhouse lawyers’ will be prepared to litigate any violations of the rights of the believers.

Advocacy for the Wrongfully Incarcerated

This program will advocate for Black Muslims and others that have been wrongfully incarcerated.

Education & Awareness

BDN will serve as a bridge between the prison system and the outside world by raising awareness in reports about the plight and atrocities facing incarcerated African-American Muslims.