Brother MoneyBagg Yo Come Join Your Black Muslim Family in Memphis

Brother MoneyBagg Yo,

When you attested to the fact that “Muhammad is Allah’s last Prophet and Messenger, ”  in the car with Kevin Gates by reciting the Kalma, you became part of our family

Brother, your conversation on the Breakfast Cub was empowering and enlightening. The paramount moment was when Charlamagne asked you how you came to Islam and you just declared Islam to be “The Right Way,”   Importantly, you spoke about overcoming the problem of drugs with the discipline that Islam provides. This speaks volume of your commitment to Islam, your creator and your beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW).


In one of your songs, you mentioned South Memphis where you  “had to hustle just to eat, got my knowledge out the street.” Many of your rap songs aptly narrated the plight and sufferings of Black youth throughout South Memphis. When compared with the white youth, the poverty rates for Black youth are four times high, and Black families only earn an average income that is roughly half of what white families earn. These widespread disparities in wealth are directly attributed to the history of white supremacy, and it forces many of our black brothers on the streets to hustle. Many of young brothers end up incarcerated as a result. One study determined that “While black Tennesseans make up 16.8 percent of the state’s population, they make up 44.1 percent of its prison population.”


Malcolm X once said “In the ghetto’s the white man has built for us, he has forced us not to aspire to greater things, but to view everyday living as survival — and in that kind of a community, survival is what is respected.”

Kevin Gates uplifted your life with the message of Islam.  Others brothers in the hoods of Memphis need to hear the message of Islam too.

The Black Dawah Network focuses on Islamic outreach to oppressed Black communities. Our Annual Malcolm X Day on Feb, 22,  provides us with a unique opportunity to reach out to our brothers and sisters living in oppressed conditions in Memphis.   To inform them about Islam and to distribute the Holy Quran and copies of the autobiography of Malcolm X to Black youth who want to learn more about Islam.

Brother, we extend you an invitation to join us on Annual Malcolm X Day in at 1228 Jackson, Memphis Tn. to spread the message of Islam. This is a noble cause; Dawah is a trait of great Muslims. Also, the teachings of Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) are before us, “None of you will believe until you love for your brother what you love for yourself.” So, brother, I ask you to follow the teachings of our beloved Prophet (SAW) and call the disenfranchised black communities of South Memphis to Islam.


Conveying to Black America What Islam Is

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