The Malcolm X Annual Day of Dawah

Malcolm X, a name that still shines bright, more so today than ever before. The name stands synonymous with combating the social injustices facing Black America. The message of Malcolm X had a deep impact on the most oppressed community in Northern Hemisphere: the African-Americans. The Black Dawah Network resonates the very same message and with the similar aim of extending a hand of help to the African-Americans in major urban areas.

From February 22nd to Feb 23rd, 2020, the Black Dawah Network will be launching the ‘Malcolm X Annual Day of Dawah’ to pay homage to Malcolm X and to carry further his legacy and efforts to spread Islam in America. Malcolm X, after being released from the prison visited Detroit’s ghettos inviting all the Black community into the fold of Islam. From drug dealers, drug addicts to gang-members and many more embraced the Dawah of Malcolm X. He stated that Islam transformed his life, lifting him up from the mud that he had previously lived in, and empowered him.

This message of Malcolm X was based on the Universal message of Islam, a religion with its inclusive nature brought people from all parts of the world into its fold. Islam is based on and emphasizes equality. The pinnacle of Islamic teachings is that many former slaves rose to positions of great prominence.

The Black Dawah Network, an Islamic outreach organization, will arrange events that will involve Black Muslim delegations convening in various hoods throughout the United States most notably in  Chicago, Atlanta, Memphis, Boston, Omaha, and Norfolk. The delegations shall speak to Black brothers and sisters; informing them about ALLAH (SWT) and why ALLAH (SWT) is worthy of worship. About the divine revelation: The  Noble Quran. And about the need and importance of following the ways and teachings of the last messenger of ALLAH (SWT), the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

The Noble Quran and an autobiography of Malcolm X shall also be distributed during the event for free. This will aid in getting a better understanding of Islam, its teachings and how it transformed the life of Malcolm X. The delegations shall also aim to discuss and address the institutional racism faced by brothers and sisters in the neighborhood. The Dawah shall be followed by a concluding event on February 23rd, 2020 that will take place in the mosques of the various cities. The topic of this event will be: ‘A Message to Black America: Why Islam?’ 

 The Black Dawah Network seeks to highlight the significance of Malcolm X and his African-American Muslim political philosophy.

Why Support the Malcolm X Annual Day of Dawah?

So, we come to the most relevant question, Why support the Malcolm X Annual Day of Dawah?

The Black Dawah Network firmly believes in uplifting the Black communities from the shackles of ignorance, injustice, and oppression. Islam emerges as the only beacon of light.

Black Muslim men willing to soldier in the hood, the most violent and dangerous of ghettoes to communicate the message of Islam are needed to step forward.

The network aims to support these noble men and also to increase access to information about Islam within urban center Black communities. Black Dawah Network aims to spread knowledge about Islam in the hood.

All of this requires your unwavering moral, physical and financial support. Spread the message, participate or at least donate to the noblest cause. This is a collective cause and requires collective support just like the early Muslims; with their unity, dedicated service and paramount sacrifices were able to spread the message of Islam the history calls upon all of us to be the torchbearers of those great Muslims.

Remember the Muslims of Medina who embraced their migrating Brothers and shared half of their wealth with their Islamic brothers just for the noble cause of Islam and for the pleasure of their creator.

The time is giving you the opportunity come forward, No contribution is small and no effort is little, a river is made of countless drops of water. With your support and donations, this event will redefine the contours of Islam in the United States of America. Donate here.

Conveying to Black America What Islam Is

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